Furniture Style Trends for 2023

furniture style trends 2023

While interior design Buboliving trends are always evolving, there are some that remain perennially in style. For 2023, those trends include luxurious looks and sumptuous fabrics that elevate your space.

As people spend more time at home due to the pandemic, they’re looking for more ways to stylize their living spaces. One furniture style trend they’re embracing is color. Incorporating rich, vibrant hues into furniture pieces like chairs and sofas is a surefire way to bring your style to the next level.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full-fledged color statement, try introducing a pop of color with accent pillows or throws. Another option is incorporating metals into the mix. Metallic finishes are in, especially those that resemble brass, bronze or rose gold. These colors can instantly brighten up any room.

Texture is also in. This style trend is evident in everything from upholstery to accessories and even wall colors. According to experts, textures are regaining popularity as people seek to add depth and dimension to their homes. Rather than opting for the sleek, untextured look that has been so popular in recent years, homeowners are turning to furniture that incorporates natural materials like wood and rattan.

One of the most prominent furniture trends in 2023 is incorporating folky floral prints into home decor. These patterns evoke a sense of coziness and craftiness. They are a great alternative to the bright and saturated floral designs that have been popular in the past.

Another furniture style trend to look out for is curved silhouettes. Experts say that curvilinear shapes create a more modern look. Whether in the form of a curved sofa, like this Cadiz sofa or even a cabinet like this Rosalia cabinet, this furniture style is perfect for those who want to make a statement without sacrificing comfort.

Finally, incorporating wood into home decor is a growing trend that experts expect will continue well into 2023. Not only does this style provide a natural element, but it’s also eco-friendly. Adding wood to your living space can help to create a sense of warmth and coziness. If you’re looking for a more modern take on this furniture style, consider this smoked oak sideboard from West Elm that has a gorgeous grain detail and blackened steel handles.

As a result of the pandemic, many people are also seeking more privacy in their homes. This has led to an increased demand for smaller furnishings like tables and chairs. According to experts, this year we’ll see a shift from the open concept style of recent years. The new trend is for smaller spaces with cozy seating and storage.

In addition to these furniture style trends, 2023 will feature a few color changes as well. According to Sherwin-Williams, earthy and nature-inspired shades are in. Sherwin-Williams is seeing a rise in colors inspired by the red of cochineal and other natural dyes, including raspberry blush, a soft pink shade that can be combined with shades of green and brown for a natural and neutral look.

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