Little Elf – A Gift Wrap Cutter That Makes Gift Wrapping Easier

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Gift wrap is one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season for gift-givers. After all, it’s a long and sometimes painful process of cutting, folding, and taping boxes to make sure they’re ready for Christmas morning.

But now there’s a tool that’s making this task easier than ever: Little Elf, a wrap cutter that wrangles wrapping paper with ease and gives you perfectly straight cuts every time. Bryan Perla, a student at Stanford, came up with the idea for the gift wrap cutter during Shark Tank season 11. It’s safe to use, easy to store and makes gift-wrapping easier than ever before.

The little red plastic wrap cutter slips over the end of a roll of wrapping paper, and holds it steady as you pull out the length of paper you need. It then slides to the other end of the roll, where a shielded blade neatly slices paper parallel to the roll.

It also works well for smaller rolls, like 2.25-inch diameter. Unfortunately, it’s ineffective on larger rolls. Some reviewers claim it doesn’t cut paper evenly, which could be a problem for those who use a lot of extra small-size rolls to wrap gifts.

This tool can also be used to cut card stock, wax paper, aluminum foil, and shelf liner. It’s also safe to use, making it an essential item for any home or office.

Amazon shoppers are loving this tool!

In fact, The Little Elf Cutter is the most popular gift wrap cutter on Amazon right now, with thousands of shoppers reporting that they love using it to trim their gift wrap. TikTok users are also sharing videos showing their friends and family how to wrap their presents with it, so if you’re in the market for a gift-wrapping tool this year, don’t miss out on this Amazon deal!

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