How to Use Furniture Transfers

furniture transfers

Furniture transfers (also known as dry transfer graphics, rub on decals or decor transfers) are an easy and affordable way to transform any piece of furniture into a work of art. They can be applied to wood, glass and metal surfaces and offer a high-end final appearance.

How to Use a Furniture Transfer

A furniture transfer is a very thin piece of paper with a design printed on it. Once it is applied to a surface, the design looks like it was painted or drawn directly onto the surface.

Before applying any transfer, be sure that the surface is clean and dry. It is also important to be careful with any tools you are using as they may come into contact with the transfer. Once the transfer is applied, it is advisable to seal the surface with a sealer of choice. This will help to prevent the transfer from rubbing off or damaging the surface.

How to Measure Your Furniture

It is a good idea to take measurements of all your furniture pieces before you purchase them. This will ensure that they fit in your new home once you have them delivered. If you can, take the measurements at the exact location in your house where the furniture will be going. It is especially important to know the dimensions of doorways in your home so that you can ensure your furniture fits.

How to Measure Your Doorways

To make sure your furniture will fit through your doors, you must first measure the height and width of each doorway. You will need to account for the distance between each side of the doorway, as well as any other obstacles in the way such as light fixtures or railings. About four inches of leeway will be enough to allow your furniture through the doorway.

Using the doorway measurement, you can determine how tall your furniture needs to be. For example, if you have a couch that is seven feet high, it should be eight feet wide. It is also a good idea to take the dimensions of the window sill in your home as that will give you an accurate measuring guide for how long your sofa or chair needs to be.

Once you have the dimensions, it is important to consider the weight of your furniture. This can be a big factor in the cost of shipping. If your furniture is heavy, it will be harder to ship and may require extra protection.

When shipping your furniture, it is a good idea to use freight shipping companies to make sure that your items arrive safely. These companies typically have two types of shipments: LTL and FTL, which will affect the cost, shipping time and level of security.

If you choose to ship your furniture with a freight company, be sure that you take the dimensions of all of your items and that they meet the criteria for each type of shipment. This will make it easier for you to select the right shipments and ensure that your furniture is delivered safely.

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