The Festival Plaza in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Festival Plaza is the new hub for anything you’re going to be doing with other players in Pokemon Sun and Moon (SM) or Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (USUM). Battles, trading and EV training are all available here. It also houses a bunch of other facilities which serve different purposes. There are around 35 facilities, and many of them have a ton of variation in functionality and reward list. Lottery shops, for example, don’t require Festival Coins to use and give you a chance to obtain an item once per day. They’re a great choice to add to your Plaza from the beginning, even if you don’t have a lot of money.

In general, you’ll earn Festival Coins (FC) by interacting with visitors at the Plaza. This can be done by talking to the people with red text bubbles (who are players you haven’t interacted with before) and inside the castle, as well as by completing missions. The more you interact with these guests, the higher your FP rank will become and the more features you’ll be able to unlock.

Once your FP has reached Level 8, you’ll be able to start requesting facilities from other players. This will cost you a certain amount based on the star of the facility you want. It’s best to request facilities that have a high number of stars, since they will offer more services.

You can purchase a variety of items at the Festival Plaza, including clothing, food and Pokeballs. There are also a few other items you can only find here, like the Golden Rod and the HM Cut. There are also several facilities which serve different purposes, such as the EV Training Centre and the Treasure Hunt.

The EV Training Centre can be used to boost specific stats of your Pokemon for a set period of time by spending FC. The Treasure Hunt, on the other hand, can be used to increase a player’s base experience by a small percentage every time they open it.

As for the other facilities, the Food Stall can be used to purchase food for your Pokemon, while the Switcheroo can be used to trade between versions of the game. Alternatively, you can also pay to enter a competition in the Global Link or Friendly Competition to win rewards like exclusive Pokemon. Eventually, you’ll be able to host your own competitions on the Global Link as well. There’s even a special Global Mission that all players can join to help reach a common goal. This will be available starting in the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Update 1.0, which is scheduled to be released on December 14. It’s worth noting that you can only participate in one mission at a time. Having more than one active can cause the mission to fail, which is a waste of your time and FC. You can check out the full list of missions here. We’ll be updating this article as more features become available in the future.

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