Interior Design For Modern Style

interior design for modern style

Modern interior design is characterized by simplicity and an emphasis on natural materials. It draws inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and other European architecture and design. The “form follows function” code of this style emphasizes geometric forms and the use of natural materials to create functional spaces with a delightful aesthetic.

In terms of colors, modern design avoids bright and bold hues in favor of a soothing neutral palette. This color scheme provides a neutral backdrop that makes it easy to coordinate decor and furniture. If you prefer a more vivid look, use a bold accent wall to bring a pop of color to your room. Behr explains that this approach helps break up the uniformity of a neutral color scheme and allows you to incorporate primary colors (like yellow, red, or blue) into your space without overwhelming it.

To add a touch of glamor to your modern home, use metal finishes and polished chrome accents. These metallic touches reflect light well and help bring a sleek and uncluttered feel to your space. Chrome fixtures and hardware are especially popular in modern homes. You’ll find them on kitchen faucets, doorknobs, cabinet handles, lamps, and railings.

Another way to add a touch of modern style is through the use of wood. Cedar and teak are common choices for modern furniture, as they provide a warm and inviting feeling. These wooden pieces can be mixed with metal and concrete for a balance of textures and styles.

One of the most important aspects of a modern home is its ability to maximize natural lighting. This is done through large windows and open-plan living spaces. This helps to create a sense of spaciousness, while also bringing the outdoors in.

During the Modernism movement, the use of fabricated materials began to become more common. Materials like steel and concrete became easier to manufacture, allowing designers to use them in building and furnishings. Furniture with hand-carved details was replaced by more easily manufactured molded wood and leather furniture, which emphasized clean lines and smooth surfaces.

In many ways, modern art is a reflection of this shift in design. Modernist artists were inspired by new technologies, as well as by the art movements of Cubism and Fauvism. This led to a more expressive and abstract approach to painting. The result was a style that is both unique and eye-catching.

Using a mix of traditional and modern elements is often a great way to create a cohesive space. When it comes to rugs, modern design typically uses wool and sisal. This type of rug is durable and provides a soft, subtle look. It’s recommended that you use rugs in larger rooms to help define the space and keep it feeling cozy. In smaller rooms, bare floors are often used to create a minimalist feel.

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